Wednesday, May 28, 2014

End of the Year Celebration Alphabet-Style!

At my old school I never needed to have a big end of the year celebration with the families because after a music show we did around mid-May, all the families came back to the classroom for a little gathering. So this year, I started panicking because I needed to think of something to do with my kiddos and their families to culminate this wonderful year in Kindergarten!

Enter my blog and Facebook stalking and my Pinterest addiction and I found the perfect idea - an alphabet party! I first saw this idea over at Kinder Alphabet and I fell in love! 

And so, the planning began!

I could picture everything I wanted to do in my head but I really needed to slow down and figure it all out. First things first, I just had to create these super cute glittery alphabet labels that I could use for the party and then also use again for a word wall, literacy station games, and more! When these letters popped out of my printer I couldn't believe how awesome they looked!

Here are the labels printed and cut out on the day of the party! Then all I did was tape the letters and what item they were for onto jumbo popsicle sticks. Easy peasy prep!

You can grab these glittery alphabet labels in my store!

So what did we have at this alphabet celebration you ask? Well, not every letter of the alphabet was present...that was just too much for my brain to handle!
We had apples for A, of course ... A is for Apples!
You can see my list of items and download it here!

I also created a freebie for you if you'd like use these labels for a party of your own! It is an editable PowerPoint file so you can type your items directly onto the labels!
Click on the image to get your freebie or click {here}!

Here's my set up! (minus the apples for A which were still in the fridge!) 
All of the buckets, bowls, and plates are from The Dollar Tree (except the striped plates). Since it's almost summer they had all their fun summer items out and I had to make some tough decisions on what I needed and what I just wanted!


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