Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy 100th Day of School!

I wish everyday could be the 100th day of school!! I love having something fun to celebrate with tons of great activities to do! (I usually overplan the 100th day of school, so our 101st day is spent finishing the activities!) Check out some of the ways we celebrate in my classroom and grab a bunch of FREEBIES along the way!

I love taking pictures of my students using the AgingBooth app to make them look old! It's so much fun to show them the pictures and hear them squeal with laughter!
Last year, I took photos with the app prior to the 100th day and got them printed. Then, I took photos on the 100th day with my FREE photo signs and got those printed, too. I attached both photos to the drawing page in my photo signs pack and added it to their Kindergarten memory book at the end of the year!
The students can also draw on these pages with how they currently look and how they think they will look at 100 years ago if you don't want to take a bunch of photos!

On the 100th day, we get a new brag tag!!!! I have FREE 100th day tags in my store with 5 different tags for the 100th day of school. My students are always excited to add a new tag to their growing collection on their backpack! 

To learn more about brag tags, visit my blog post HERE.

100th Day Snack Tag *FREEBIE*
If you like sending home a little treat for the 100th day, then Jennifer Drake's snack tags are the thing for you! I love sending home "100" cookies with the kids! (I'm always too busy stuffing cookies in my mouth in bags that I forget to take pictures of this!)

I love using my Read-Trace-Write-Glue Sentences for morning work and the 100th day is no different! We start our morning with one of these pages and then move on to some fun coloring pages, of course! (Coloring time ...especially with markers... always equals quiet time!)

Of course the 100th day lends itself to lots of great counting activities! I have these count by 10 mats that I use for lots of activities! (These could be used in your math stations all the time-not just for the 100th day!)

Students can draw dots or objects in each box to count to 100 by 10's. On one page, they can trace the numbers to practice number writing, too.

Using food is always fun! I recommend using a smaller-sized food item so it fits in the boxes!

Click HERE or on the image to grab this freebie!

We have a lot of fun on the 100th day, and of course we're learning too! One way we practice sight words in my classroom is to go on a sight word hunt in short reading passages and poems. We use the interactive whiteboard to highlight sight words together and then work on our own to find them in our journal passage. I made this little 100th day poem for us to use and put in our journals!
Click HERE or on the image below for an exclusive FREEBIE!!

Hope you have a great 100th day of school!!
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